Cyber Scene Investigator

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Добавлено 20 июня 2016, 19:10
Help support us by going to this link: Step inside the shoes of a digital investigator! Solve cases based off of real world cyber crimes. Learn about real world forensic tools and best practices as you discover clues to catch the criminal. By establishing a permanent virtual reality lab at UNH, students in over 10 undergraduate and graduate majors will be able to do just this! Our project will be a first of its kind. Virtual Reality is still in its infancy and our goal is to create the first ever education-based virtual reality experience. Once established, our impact will be widespread at both UNH and the surrounding community. The most noteworthy piece of equipment will be the HTC Vive Headset and entire virtual reality system. Check out the Vive here: Help us get started on our exciting journey with a donation—of any amount—today! Donate here: Music: Rock That Crowd! by everythingwerenot License: Music Standard License


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