Grand Theft Auto 5 GTA Redux 1080p Walkthrough Part 17 Friends Reunited 1080p

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Добавлено 2 октября 2016, 13:41
A walkthrough of the Missions in GTA V With the Redux mod installed. Mission: Friends Reunited This is a complete overhaul of GTA from textures, to physics and lighting and more... looks great even on my dodgy system. I am currently upgrading my machine every few weeks, so the quality should get better. currently recording at 1080p resolution due to the fact i'm playing on a 32" lg lcd and although I can use it at 1080p the screen doesn't like it as its a 1080i tv and won't go higher. My Specs Motherboard Asus Z170-A (only part I plan to keep) Memory 8gig hyper x 2400Mhz (bought as a stop gap) GTX 970 Armor edition (just upgraded from a 950 while I decide whats next) CPU Intel 6100 3.7 (yes yes i know doesnt make sense with the motherboard, bought as a stop gap before i jump to an i5 or i7 Power-Supply think its run by 4 mice and a hampster Case, just about, got 3 sides missing, great for winter though Small SSD as a boot, a old 500 gig HD that came with someone taking a selfie with the 10 commandments. Some of the cut scenes go a little bit blurry. I thought this was maybe due to motion blur being on? turned it off same thing, so I think its probably something the Redux hasn't addressed yet, or can't. The game runs really well so such a big mod upgrade. no noticeable drop in frames between the original and the mod, so great job there guys!! all settings are maxed out apart from the super sampling which is set at 1.5 and the hi rez shadows. as it was capping my video memory. ok thats enough waffle here's a link to the mod if anyone is interested. Don't forget to leave a like or comment thingmabob, I'm new to this stuff so no hatting as i get used to recording uploading and junk. the quality will get better as I get use to it. GTA5 REDUX


Saad Ahmed
Do you still have the 950? And nice Video keep it up
19 августа 2017, 10:13 Комменитровать

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